Challenging Issues for Unusual Times

"May you live in interesting times!"  This Chinese curse seems to apply to current times. Our planet is literally on fire, and our national democracy is torn apart by tribalism and extreme inequalities.  And yet, kitchen table issues like income & jobs, child and elder care, good food and housing, and affordable health care, dominate our daily lives. And in these rural parts, we generally treat each other with kindness, even when we disagree on issues.

As citizens, we are better off when our families and communities, and beyond this, our states and nation, can work together with respect and civility to assure real security for all.

As we knock on doors to meet and learn from our neighbors, our understanding of the issues will grow. We'll aim to be respectful and positive, and approach people with an attitude that you, our neighbors will help further identify key community issues.

Good Jobs and Healthy Economy

Maine's abundant lands, forests and seacoast continue to provide for good jobs.

I believe Maine's farms and sea can feed most of our people, as well as many of our regional neighbors. Regenerative practices will address the problems of imported food supplies while creating lots of jobs.

Ongoing research and development into renewable energy and natural resource based products will unleash the economic impact of innovative new jobs.

Maine's Environment

Maine is a beautiful State with superb woods, lakes, mountains and a rugged coastline. I'll work hard to support policies that protect the natural bounty of Maine's land and sea. 

Public Education for a Changing World.

Public Education is key to a strong economy, good jobs, vibrant communities and ensuring our healthy democracy. As we cope with climate changes, education must adapt to the need for new technologies and skills responding to transition away from dependence on fossil fuels. We must make public education accessible and affordable for all ages. 

Mitigating Climate Crisis

Global warming is wrecking havoc on Maine and our planet.  The Gulf of Maine is warming faster than any other ocean area next to the United States. 


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