Why I'm Running

My history of community organizing has taught me that we are better working together to cope with key challenges. Strong healthy communities must be whole.  Everyone, no matter their age, their gender, their race, their politics or their financial situation, deserves respect.  No one can be left behind.


My world view is rooted in community.  However, in recent years, I’ve come to see that state, national and global affairs have a huge influence on our rural communities.  With increasingly divisive politics threatening our civility and democracy, and environmental problems threatening our planet, I’ve

decided to try to devote my sense of community ethics to higher levels of political activity. Given national political paralysis, States need to play a bigger role in coping with major issues.


Our campaign is a big adventure in learning; to begin with, learning how fellow citizens think and feel about key issues like education, jobs, health, safety and security and our natural environment.  We believe that people are good and deserve be respected and have their voices heard, regardless of social, economic or political differences.  We plan to knock on doors with our eyes and ears wide open so we can listen and learn from our neighbors  – it is the only way we can truly represent our communities.


While the twin crises of democracy and climate scare us terribly, we realize that everyone deserves good food, shelter, and health along with safety and security. Protecting these basic needs along with the natural environment that makes Maine so special are what moves us to take on this challenge.

Some ask:  Why say "we" or "our campaign?"  It's because lots of people are helping, and we are better and more democratic when we are working together.


Ken Morse

253 Pikes Hill, Norway, ME 04268


Tel: 207-393-0134


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